The Foundation for the Study of Cycles

FSC Techsignal is based on the unique approach developed by the Foundation for mainframes in the 1950s and improved during the next half century with many new, powerful features as a result of advances of the computer age. For the last decade, the Foundation has been refining its methods of cycles detection and studies of cycles applications almost exclusively in the financial markets, due to readily available and accurate data.

"With our current events of immense importance to humanity, such as suicide bombers, the war on terrorism and the recent natural disasters of Katrina, Rita and Wilma, the release of this software could represent one of the most important milestones in the history of the social sciences," said David M. Perales, president of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. "This software represents the study of cycles at its finest, 'the science of prediction,' and this type of research, including disaster forecasting and planning, is clearly imperative at this time in history. Cycles in natural and human events are not only real, they are inevitable. Knowledge of cycles can help us, but the ignorance of them will harm us. Just ignoring cycles inherent in events will not make them go away."

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles - Discovering and Predicting Cycles in Nature and Economics.

Discovering and Predicting Cycles in Nature and Economics