Foundation for the Study of Cycles Phase 1-2-3

Phase I - Completed (2003-2008):

  • The Online Library in Now Open!
  • Edward R. Dewey Memorial Library and Museum is Now Open!
  • Cycles Magazines from 1950 to present are Now Online!
  • Web Site Renovations for all sites are now Complete!
  • Investment Tools with Advanced Software Development and Sales is Complete!
  • Research Material with Online Digital Library and Memberships in Complete!
  • Physical Offices and Staffing is now Complete!
  • Book List and Asset Redevelopment (Library & Archives) is Complete!

Phase II - Ongoing (2008-2009):

The Foundation Works Collection will include all the published works of the Foundation in electronic format. This comprises all works published since the Foundation's inception, and, many as yet unpublished works from the our Historical Archives! We are very excited about this groundbreaking project. We estimate the work to comprise more than 250,000 pages and scanning is in progress.

Phase III -  (2009-2012):

  • Building and Grounds Fund
  • Outreach Program - Research Applications
  • Fellowship Programs and Scholarships

The Next 20 Years

The Foundation, as tends to happen with most phenomena in our Universe, traverses periods of expansion and contraction. During the year prior to my arriving at the Foundation in 1988 as Research Director, the Foundation had already begun a major period of expansion and rebirth. When I became Executive Director in 1989, the world of computing was changing and with the changes, the Foundation moved forward into the new world of advanced personal computers. Gone were the 8K computers with 8” floppy disks!

The Foundation, from its earliest times, was in the forefront of computerization. It saw in the early 1950s what many are only now seeing. In the late 1980s we also saw the need to convert all of our data from paper to computer readable media. We also began a search for data so that we could use the new power that personal computers then gave us. We created over 500 data series in disciplines from physical science to financial markets. Several of these data series dated prior to the birth of Christ.

We were then able to survey the scope of modern history. The purpose of developing these series was an extension of our mission find to find cycles in as many series as possible and then find the mechanism that causes these cycles. Our purpose has always been not just knowledge, but knowledge that makes life better.

We are now in 2007 on the verge of yet another expansion of the work of the Foundation. Our new President and Executive Director, David Perales, has taken our mission to a new level. Until this year, we had counted on but a few researchers to advance the cause of cycles. These were trained scientists and experienced cycle analysts. The reason there were just a few was a lack of research available to both the general public and the academic researcher.

In our over 66 years of research this is a tragedy, but it is soon to be turned around. David Perales has begun the task of digitalizing and making available all of our research. This research has been presented in Cycles Magazine, seminars, papers and correspondence in our archives.

Of one thing we are certain, the research we are now making available to all will further our goals as nothing has since E.R. Dewey and Copley Amory created the Foundation.

When we review what we did 20 years ago in creating our computer data series and modern software it will also seem to appear as nothing in comparison to what will take place in the next 20 years.

We look forward to playing our part.

Richard Mogey,
Executive Director 1989-1996, Director of Research 2007-08
Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

The Foundation was organized on October 23rd, 1940 and incorporated in the State of Connecticut on Jan 10th, 1941