NASS's annual December surveys on crops and livestock. In the first two weeks of December, NASS will survey approximately 90,000 United States producers. One of USDA's largest survey efforts, the responses will provide the final information about the 2014 U.S. row crops focusing on harvested acreage, production, and storage. In addition, hog producers will be asked about their current inventory, pig crop, and farrowing intentions for the next six months. With both data collection and data release taking place over a span of only four weeks, the results will be available beginning with the Hogs and Pigs report on December 23, followed by the Annual Crop Production Summary and other reports on January 12.

Corn Harvested 94% vs 5 year average 92%

Soybeans Harvested 97% vs 5 year average 98%

Winter Wheat

Emerged 92& vs 5 year average 89%


Fair 36% vs last year 30%
Good 49% vs last year 53%
Excellent 9% vs last year 9%

Grains / Nov 24, 2014