Market Overview

FSC potential customers are divided into the following groups as shown in the market analysis:

Predictive Analytics Professionals: These are highly trained academics who have moved into the commercial side of their science, offering services to major financial services and hedge fund entities.

Directors of Investment: These are the lead figures at hedge funds and major asset funds. Our ideal prospect is well educated and even holds a Ph.D in analytics or financial analysis. He/she has applied his/her knowledge of analytics to the planning and strategic guidance of the firm.

Market Needs

Many people suspect a connection between natural cycles of our planet and market movements. But there are few systems to fully explain this connection in layman's terms. For the first time, FSC steps forward with 75 years worth of deep knowledge in this specific area and develops software to answer humanity's pressing questions on this important topic.

As the grandfather of predictive analytics, FSC steps forward with deep guidance for all market segment planners and financial analysts, shedding light on the deeper influence of natural cycles upon market movements. The accuracy and depth of our data has startled industry experts, driving deeper interest from the highest levels of the financial world.

Specifically, we can show for specific assets the exact future movement and fluctuations based upon a variety of naturally recurring cycles. We can pin-point