Our Founders

Charles Greeley Abbot

Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

Copley Amory

First Chairman of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

George Baekeland

Inventor / Industrialist Chairman of the Board, 1952-1959 The Bakelite Corporation

Charles Camsell

Commissioner, Northwest Territories, Canada

Patrick Ashley Cooper

1941-1961 Governor, Hudson’s Bay Company / Director of the Bank of England

William Cameron Forbes

Board of Trustees, Carnegie Institution of Washington Life Member of the Corp., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alanson Bigelow Houghton

Chairman, Corning Glass Works Chairman, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

Ellsworth Huntington

Professor of Geography and Climatology Yale University

Frank Cyril James

b. October 8, 1903 1941-1956 Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University

Daniel Trembly MacDougal

b. March 16, 1865 - Leading Authority on Desert Ecology.

Wesley Clair Mitchell

1941-1948 Director, Founder of the National Bureau of Economic Research

Harlow Shapely

b. November 2, 1885 Director of the Observatory, Harvard University

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles